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Visit to SM6FHZ

EMEPosted by Ben Sun, October 10, 2010 13:20:28

Yesterday I visited the EME shack of Ingolf, SM6FHZ, which is only about 25 km away. I read his note on the EME reflector so I knew he was there. I brought my little video pocket camera with me and you can watch some clips on the address down below. I made no editing, just pasted the clips in a row.

Ingolf has a 5.5m solid dish at his summer house just north of SK6OSO, the Onsala Space Observatory. He had to work hard to get it there beacuse no cranes could get to his site. Everything was hand carried up the rock and it took a number of years to complete the system.

Now he is up and running on both 70 and 23 cm with good power and nice echoes.